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AT&T U-verse TV Surpasses 100,000 Subscribers in Houston

att_logo.gifAT&T U-verse
TV has reached a milestone of more than 100,000 customers in the Greater Houston area.
AT&T U-verse services were first introduced in the Houston area nearly two years ago
in November 2006. AT&T is continually expanding availability to more Houston-area
residents, and U-verse TV is offered today throughout the Houston region, including
parts of Brazoria, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris and Montgomery counties.

The rapid expansion of AT&T U-verse in the Houston area mirrors the growth and popularity
of U-verse services nationwide. AT&T U-verse TV ranked “Highest in Residential Television
Service Satisfaction in the South Region,” according to the J.D. Power and Associates
2008 Residential Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study. AT&T is on track
to reach one million customers by the end of 2008.

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AT&T U-verse TV Surpasses 100,000 Subscribers in Houston


AT&T to Sell U-verse Services at Circuit City and Wal-Mart Stores

att_logo.gifAT&T announces
agreements with Circuit City and Wal-Mart to sell AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T U-verse
High Speed Internet in more than 600 retail locations beginning this month.

The agreements are the first national retail deals for AT&T U-verse, creating a powerful
new distribution channel and providing consumers with another convenient way to learn
more about U-verse services, check availability and place an order.

AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet will be offered at Circuit City
and Wal-Mart stores located near neighborhoods where U-verse services are available
in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri,
Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin. Additional locations will be added in
the future.

Customers will be able to learn more about AT&T U-verse TV and AT&T U-verse High Speed
Internet at in-store kiosks and from sales associates. In addition to AT&T U-verse
services, the full bundle of AT&T services — including AT&T High Speed Internet and
home phone service — are already offered at these locations, so shoppers can take
care of all their entertainment and communications needs.

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AT&T to Sell U-verse Services at Circuit City and Wal-Mart Stores


AT&T U-verse IPTV No. 1 in Every Region Where Ranked

U-verse TV ranks highest in customer satisfaction among residential television customers
in all three regions where it was ranked, according to the J.D. Power and Associates
2008 Residential Television Service Provider Satisfaction Study. In the annual study
of television service, customers cited AT&T for exceptional performance and reliability,
customer service, cost of service, billing, and offerings and promotions.

The study measured customer satisfaction with providers of home video services, such
as IPTV, cable and satellite TV. It focused on four regional segments: North
, East, West and South.
In the regions where it was ranked — North
, West and South
AT&T U-verse outscored all competitors. In all, 18,938 residential video customers
in the U.S. participated in the study.

The new study comes as AT&T continues to see growth in the availability, adoption
and popularity of AT&T U-verse TV. AT&T is the only national service provider
offering a 100 percent IP-based TV service. U-verse services are available in 69 markets
in 15 states, with its advanced fiber network passing more than 11 million living
units at the end of the second quarter. The company expects to have more than 1 million
subscribers by the end of 2008.

According to J.D. Power and Associates, AT&T U-verse performs particularly well
in the offerings and promotions factor. It also performs well in the performance and
reliability factor.

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AT&T U-verse IPTV No. 1 in Every Region Where Ranked


AT&T U-verse Launches in Flint and Saginaw

att_logo.gifAT&T announces
the launch of U-verse services in the Flint and Saginaw, Michigan area’s, including
AT&T U-verse TV, AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet and AT&T U-verse Voice. Customers
can currently order AT&T U-verse services in parts of nearly 30 local communities,
including Flint, Midland, Saginaw and others. AT&T will make U-verse services available
to more homes throughout the area on an ongoing basis.

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AT&T U-verse Launches in Flint and Saginaw


AT&T U-verse Introduces Total Home DVR

att_logo.gifAT&T Launches
U-verse Total Home DVR in the Los Angeles, St. Louis and Fresno areas, giving U-verse
TV customers the freedom to play back SD and HD recorded programs on any connected
TV in the home, at no additional charge.

AT&T U-verse Total Home DVR customers can:

  • Watch HD and SD DVR recordings on other connected TVs in the home. In addition to
    your DVR, you can access, play, pause, rewind and fast forward any recorded SD or
    HD program on up to seven additional U-verse-connected TVs. All U-verse DVRs and receivers
    are HD-capable.

  • Pause a recorded show and pick up where you left off in another room.

  • Play back multiple, independent viewings of the same recorded show on different TVs.

  • Play back up to four recorded shows at once. Up to three can be HD recorded programs.

  • Watch up to five HD programs simultaneously throughout the home, including two live
    HD programs and three recorded HD programs.

  • Record more of the show you want to see with soft padding, which automatically adds
    1 minute to the beginning and 2 minutes to the end of each pre-scheduled recording.

  • Organize recorded content by series. Series recordings will be grouped as a single
    heading in the recorded TV menu, making it easier for customers to manage and select
    their recorded programs.

  • Store up to 37 hours of HD content or up to 133 hours of SD content, which is more
    storage than most cable providers’ DVRs.

  • Record up to four programs at once on a single DVR — another feature that is exclusive
    to AT&T U-verse TV.

  • Set the DVR while on the go from your PC or wireless phone. With AT&T Yahoo! Web and
    Mobile Remote Access to DVR, you can schedule recordings from any Web-connected PC
    or compatible mobile phone (wireless service charges apply) by using your AT&T High
    Speed Internet account.

Using IP technology, Total Home DVR capabilities have been seamlessly provided to
existing customers’ DVRs without the need to swap their current equipment. The U-verse
network architecture and IPTV service allow Total Home DVR functionality to be enabled
by a software update, without any action or hassle for existing customers.

Total Home DVR is the latest addition to the constantly evolving suite of features
that has been introduced to all U-verse TV customers at no extra charge since the
AT&T U-verse launch in June 2006. These features include:

  • Mobile Remote Access to DVR, which lets you schedule and manage DVR recordings from
    any compatible mobile phone.

  • AT&T U-bar, which brings customizable weather, stock, sports and traffic information
    to the U-verse TV screen, without interrupting the current program.

  • AT&T Online Photos from Flickr, which allows you to simply and conveniently browse
    the photos you’ve uploaded to flickr.com and watch slide shows on your U-verse TV
    screen from the comfort of your couch.

  • Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football, which allows you to track the progress of your fantasy
    team — including current team matchups and league standings — directly from your
    TV screen through the AT&T U-bar.

  • YELLOWPAGES.COM TV, for fast and easy searches to find local businesses and other
    information via your TV screen.

  • AT&T Yahoo! Games, so you can play your favorite online games — including Sudoku,
    Solitaire, JT’s Blocks, Mah-jongg Tiles and Chess — on the TV screen.

In the future, AT&T plans to add to its Total Home DVR service with the ability to
schedule recordings and pause or control live TV from non-DVR receivers.

AT&T is deploying next-generation AT&T U-verse services as part of its mission to
connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than
anyone else. Customers benefit from integrated AT&T services across the three screens
they value most: the TV, the PC and the wireless phone.

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