IPTV: How does it work?

IPTV is changing the way we think about, and watch, television. Watch this video to discover how it offers an enriched user experience and a world of new, co…


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  1. Cinaute says:

    For those like me who didn’t get it…
    “Authentification” doesn’t exist in english…
    The good word must be “authentication” i think.
    I hope this may help…

  2. somarmunde says:

    This technology will enable access to unlimited material from all content providers wherever the viewer is located. Awesome, viral, liberating !

  3. gordon cunningham says:

    Very nice overview.

  4. manandasea says:

    Had it installed yesterday. Kicks the daylights out of Comcast cable.

  5. manandasea says:

    Had it installed yesterday. Kicks the poo out of Comcrap cable.

  6. mrtj546 says:

    not fineshed yet

  7. adrianopol92 says:

    that woman is really cute :D

  8. suchethans says:

    omg ! ITs amaazinggg :)

  9. ESPascuzzi says:

    Inventing new words?
    It was so funny that not only was it spoken by the host, it was SPELLED that way several times behind her on the presentation! Hilarious! Someone actually got paid for this!

  10. watchingher86 says:

    Great video :P

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