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Project Canvas STBs for Christmas 2010?

Next year could see Project Canvas Set Top Boxes (STBs) appearing on Christmas shopping lists, as Richard Halton, the BBC’s IPTV programme director has promised they will be in the shops before Christmas 2010, subject to approval by the BBC Trust.
The STBs are expected to cost between £100 and £200 and will offer a common [...]

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Project Canvas STBs for Christmas 2010?


BNS Signs Exclusive Contract to Deploy IPTV Service in Taiwan

BNS has
signed a five-year exclusive contract with Max Media to build and deploy community-based
IPTV services. The contract will see BNS supply complete IPTV turnkey solutions including
network, equipment, software, content, and system integration, maintenance and support
services in residential complexes including high-end estates, commercial buildings,
service apartments and hotels in Taiwan.

The service, which will be operated by Max Media, consists of 45 TV channels, including
exclusive Chinese channels not seen on cable TV, true HDTV channels and VOD content,
TV shopping and TV advertising services to homes, offices and hotel rooms. It will
be the country’s first true HD community IPTV service to residential complexes, commercial
buildings and hotels.

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BNS Signs Exclusive Contract to Deploy IPTV Service in Taiwan


IPTV Crash Course by Joseph W. Weber


Get up to speed on this billion-dollar technology

IPTV Crash Course offers an accessible overview of this rapidly evolving technology
that is radically impacting the landscape of television distribution and broadcasting
services. This practical resource offers straightforward, easy-to-follow explanations
of the fundamentals of digital television as well as basic and advanced IPTV technology.
You’ll also find in-depth coverage of IP network client devices including hardware
and software, allowing for an enriched entertainment experience.

The Latest Innovations
This book delves into new advancements in the field, examining both the technological
layers of digital television and Internet service offerings, and how they are converging
to create new business models. Soon, the integration of television entertainment into
daily life will change, and IPTV Crash Course is an essential read for anyone interested
in this groundbreaking technology.

Full coverage of IPTV including:

  • Overview of the Television Services Business
  • IPTV System Architecture
  • Digital Compression Process
  • Digital Television Technology
  • Digital Home Networking
  • IP Client Device Architectures
  • Copy Protection and Digital Rights Management
  • IPTV Standardization Efforts

IPTV Crash Course by Joseph W. Weber


Ryan’s Lifestream Digest for September 30th

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Ryan’s Lifestream Digest for September 29th [rpetty]
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Obama Family Chili [pic] [rpetty]
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Re: The Legitimacy of Border Policy [rpetty]

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All-over-IP Forum: List of Registered Participants Published at Official Website

All-over-IP Business Forum

Groteck Business Media gathers 1000 Russian system integrators, corporate end-users,
distributors and local authorities to meet with Russian and global security, IT and
telecom vendors and suppliers at the Second Annual ALL-OVER-IP
on 19 November, 2009 in Sokolniki Expo in Moscow, Russia.

The list of participants registered to July 31, 2009 is published at the official
Forum website:

The list of the registered participants will be regularly updated to assist vendors
in getting prepared for the Forum.

The total audience will include:

700 Russian system integrators, dealers and resellers

300 corporate end-users and local authorities

Each visitor is carefully prequalified by the Organizer before their registration
is approved. The visitor should be interested in communicating with IP security and
IT suppliers and have purchasing budgets for 2010.

“Participation in ALL-OVER-IP allows working only with target groups of customers.
Unlike global events, ALL-OVER-IP Forum has no idle audience that can take our time,
efforts and money.” Alexey Ginze, AAM Systems

Customers are represented by managers responsible for security and IT purchases as
well as leading engineers.

For more information on exhibiting at ALL-OVER-IP 2009, please contact Alla Aldushina,
International Marketing Officer at or


Confirmed participation: Axis Communications, Milestone Systems A/S, Mobotix AG, MicroDigital,
Mitsubishi Electric, AAM Systems, Byterg, Itruim SPB, Stilsoft, Teleincome-PC, Aktiv

Guests of the Forum: Hikvision, Network Video Technologies, Dynacolor, GEBS

All-over-IP Forum: List of Registered Participants Published at Official Website