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Full Circle

So, Joost are becoming a video management system, having singularly failed as a consumer service. The hype surrounding what was the Venice Project was extraordinary, but making the wrong techology calls before getting a foothold in the market was their downfall (actually, these same mistakes were repeated by the BBC, C4 and now by Sky in part).

Ironically, this announcement comes on the same day as Yahoo closes its video management platform, Maven, a company it bought a year and a half ago for nearly $200m.
Joost will becompeting head on with Brightcove, who have made great inroads in this market in recent times, theplatform, the grandaddy of them all, and KIT Media, who now own Narrowstep.
Knowing how tough the VMS market is, I suspect this latest incarnation will be less than successful.

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Full Circle


Fine Definitions

Definitions are fine things. By ‘fine’ I don’t mean good – rather I mean marginal.

A single definition can be worth billions under the law, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the rights industry.
This became apparent with the final ruling on the ‘Cablevision DVR‘ case which handed a massive win to cable operators and content distributors.
You see, the problem with running a cable TV or IPTV service is that you have to build, install and maintain complicated and expensive boxes that are these days a bit like PCs; these boxes need to run 24 x 7 x 365 and you need to update them regularly.
All of the intelligence of the cable industry is currently transferred to the living room before the viewer can benefit from it.
Broadly speaking the Cablevision DVR ruling states that there is no difference between a viewer recording something locally or recording something remotely.
So, as we move into a world where all ‘TV sets’ will have a broadband connection and a processor, the cablecos are now free to get rid of these pesky boxes. If you want to ‘record’ something in reality all the cableco/IPTV service has to do is to tag this on a server. When you play your ‘recording’ all the tag does is call the video file. Much cheaper and much easier – and frees a lot of the cable capacity.
But back to definitions – what’s the difference between a ‘tagged PVR recording’ and a ‘video on demand’. As far as I can tell, and as far as the US Courts seem concerned, there is none.

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Fine Definitions


NVALEO Selects Verismo’s Internet TV Platform

and NVALEO are bringing the future of business training and distance
learning to today’s living room. Powered by Verismo’s award-winning Internet TV platform,
the NVALEO Enrichment System offers training videos for personal and professional
development, wealth creation, investing, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more.

NVALEO empowers people to learn from some of the world’s greatest minds, with instant
access to a wide range of self-enrichment content in the comfort of their homes. Business
and training events are brought directly to the television — so people can continue
to learn and develop without spending time and money on travel and conferences. And
unlike static DVD-based training, NVALEO can continually update its library with hours
of topical and varied live and on-demand content.

NVALEO customers receive a palm-sized set-top box that connects to their television
and lets them easily browse for self-enrichment content over their broadband connection.
The set-top box “NVALEO HD” is based on Verismo’s cutting-edge VuNow Internet TV platform
that brings millions of online videos to the TV without the need for a computer.

Beyond self enrichment training content, the Verismo solution lets NVALEO customers
watch a wide range of entertaining Internet videos directly on their TV. The platform
offers the widest selection of online content for the TV including videos from YouTube™,
videos from popular web sites, live TV channels, movies, as well as access to personal
media (such as video, music, and photos) from the home network or USB-enabled storage

Verismo offers an open platform that enables OEM partners to rapidly bring to market
differentiated versions of its Internet TV platform, including private labeling, hardware
licensing for high-volume manufacturing, and the embedding of Verismo technology into
consumer appliances.

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NVALEO Selects Verismo’s Internet TV Platform


Joost to Provide White Label Online Video Platforms

Joost to
focus on providing white label online video platforms for media companies, including
cable and satellite providers, broadcasters and video aggregators. This technology
and service offering will support content owners’ efforts to build comprehensive branded
environments online.

Media companies around the world are embracing internet-based video portals as a key
path to distribute their premium video, but building a world-class video portal is
increasingly difficult and expensive. Joost will focus on this issue and provide the
market with a cost-effective, end-to-end solution for media companies to publish video
under their own brands.

As a part of this new direction, Joost will reorganize and restructure its business.
A core team in New York and London will work on providing these solutions, as well
as operating and supporting and its associated video applications. Joost
also will wind down operations in its Leiden development center.

Matt Zelesko, currently SVP of Engineering at Joost, will take over as CEO while continuing
to lead the engineering organization. Stacey Seltzer, currently SVP of international
business development and content acquisition at Joost, will run the business operations.
Mike Volpi has stepped down as CEO of Joost but will remain actively involved as Chairman
of the Board.

Joost plans to make its white label video platform commercially available to media
companies around the world. This offering will provide a solution for companies looking
to build a branded experience for their content on their own site as well as other
sites and platforms in their distribution networks.

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Joost to Provide White Label Online Video Platforms


TelcoTV 2009 Collaboration

attending this year’s 8th annual TelcoTV
conference and exposition
, and delegates at EXPO, NECA’s signature training event
in Orlando, Fla., get the opportunity to double up on their conference trip thanks
to a partnership between NECA and TelcoTV 2009 show organizers. When registering for
either event, delegates are offered the option to obtain a special rate day-pass to
the other event’s exposition floor, making the most of the fact that TelcoTV (November
10-12, 2009) and EXPO (November 8-12, 2009) are taking place concurrently and are
conveniently located within a few minutes distance of each other in Orlando. This
presents a significant opportunity to forge links between major carriers and rural
communications providers, and for NECA members to explore the benefits of media, entertainment,
and telecom convergence.

NECA is the administrator of the
FCC’s interstate access charge pooling system. Based in Whippany, N.J., NECA is a
not-for-profit association of over 1,400 incumbent local exchange carriers across
the United States and its territories. EXPO is NECA’s signature training event for
members and features a vendor showcase offering a premier opportunity for vendors
to meet with and market to the rural telecommunications industry. Telcos from across
the United States and its territories attend EXPO to visit with vendors in the telecommunications,
cable, Internet, and IPTV businesses. They also attend classes to increase their knowledge
of the industry and to become aware of the increasing options for communications providers.
NECA EXPO will be held from November 8-12 at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal
Studios in Orlando, Fla., and just a few miles from TelcoTV. Seats for the EXPO sessions
are already filling fast.

TelcoTV 2009 provides a comprehensive overview of the changing telecom video landscape,
with presentations delivering meaningful insight into, and analysis of, the evolving
world of entertainment convergence, plus more than 150 exhibitors showcasing the latest
solutions and products for the IPTV and video markets. It is a joint production of
Light Reading and NTCA. This year’s event will be held November 10-12, 2009 at the
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Fla.

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TelcoTV 2009 Collaboration