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Can We Have It Back ?

Well, here we are, London is apparently hosting the next Bretton Woods.. So moronic anarchists (guys, why don’t you just kill each other and get it over and done with before making a mess on our TV screens if that’s your world view…). Actually, let’s keep with anarchists. My local anarchist when I grew up became a town planner,  ended up sending a flyover dug forty foot deep through my home town and built a supermarket on the beautiful, beautiful seafront of my home town. Thanks, Mark. I’m sure you’re now very senior within the council and due to lead the whole of Wales into bunkerdom one day soon.. 

So, anarchists are real people who can’t be bothered to work as hard as the rest of us, who manipulate and use anyone who they come across. And then compromise beyond belief… They are parasites and morons, but thankfully, do not take this the next step into islamic nihilism.
A bit like the bankers they loathe. Except they do things on an industrial scale. The City of London in the past decade makes the British Empire look like a global welfare state.
The bankers have taken trillions from poor people and ordinary people and spent it on their domains in offshore resorts (of course, they don’t pay tax), as well as their houses in the Cotswolds and art by that moron Damian whatshisname, who even managed to take the money people in and got some of that ill gotten lolly into his lil ol bank account – just a half billion or so (nice one fella…). They put up with stupid socialism because it was, well, stupid, like everything else Tony did, and Gordon lapped up with glee and that stupid smile…
So, now. Totally straight question. When do we get our money back, Gordon ? And Tony, when are you going to pay all of that back; a question I couldn’t even ask of that ogre Thatcher ?
You get paid bonuses for success, but there were  no successes, just short term scams. So now, can we have our money back ?
G1, G3, G7, G20, G30, G50. Whatever. Can we now, please, have our money back. And our morality with it ?

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Can We Have It Back ?


AT&T Selects Microsoft PlayReady

att_logo.gifMicrosoft and AT&T announce
collaborative effort to use Microsoft PlayReady content access and protection technology
to enable shared content and converged entertainment experiences across AT&T’s TV,
broadband and wireless services. As part of this collaboration, Microsoft intends
to add support for PlayReady into its Microsoft Mediaroom IPTV software platform,
enabling access to PlayReady-based content through AT&T U-verse TV set-top boxes.

PlayReady is designed to enable digital entertainment services across devices and
software applications, with a specific focus on meeting the needs of mobile and network
operators, service providers and device manufacturers. PlayReady supports a broad
range of business models that can be applied to almost any type of digital content
and a wide range of formats. PlayReady also provides features such as service domains
and embedded licenses specifically designed to make it easy for consumers to enjoy
content on all their registered devices without the need of an active connection.

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AT&T Selects Microsoft PlayReady


Avail Media Establishes Agreement with Dascom Systems Group for IPTV Services

announces the addition of Dascom
Systems Group
to the company’s growing sales channel partner program, as well
as the companies’ first joint affiliate customer, Valley Telephone Cooperative of
Raymondville, Texas. By partnering with Avail Media, Dascom will now be able to offer
its services as a systems integrator for Avail Media deployments for new affiliates
as well as those transitioning from other service providers, such as SES Americom’s
IP Prime platform, from which Valley Telephone is converting its transport solution.

As a result of the agreement, Dascom customers — whether new or undergoing a transition
to a new video services provider — can now move forward with their IPTV deployments
utilizing the Avail Media solution. Affiliates working with Dascom will gain access
to Avail Media’s full content lineup, including hundreds of channels that are quality-encoded
in MPEG-4, IP-encapsulated, and fully-encrypted. Plus, in addition to linear programming,
Avail Media enables video on demand content and other advanced digital media services.

Avail Media delivers an extensive content library, including transport rights from
the top national programmers, including ABC-Disney, Turner, NBC Universal, MTV Networks,
and Fox Cable Networks. Its linear programming is complemented by its VOD rights from
the major Hollywood movie studios, such as Buena Vista/Disney, DreamWorks, Lionsgate
Films, MGM, NBC Universal, New Line Cinema, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and Warner

“Adding Dascom to our partner program allows us to offer affiliates expanded choices
for deploying IPTV systems,” said Ramu Potarazu, CEO of Avail Media. “Affiliates want
to work with service providers who can help them get their systems up and running
quickly and can ensure that they will be able to deliver the highest quality product
available. By offering an end-to-end solution that encompasses content, technology,
and service, Avail Media is able to help ensure that our affiliates invest in deployments
that are both streamlined and profitable.”

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MTS Allstream Launches MTS HDTV in Winnipeg

launches MTS HDTV to
residents in Winnipeg. MTS HDTV is the next generation of high definition television,
personal video recorder, improved guide features and other TV advancements. MTS Allstream
is the first company in Canada to launch a digital television service that includes
combined technology from Alcatel-Lucent and the award-winning Microsoft Mediaroom
IPTV software platform.

Customers taking advantage of the new MTS HDTV can expect the same high standard of
service that they have come to expect, with the added benefit of exciting new capabilities
today, and more to come in the future. Along with an extensive lineup of over 250
digital TV and music channels and features like video on demand, the new services
include 30 HDTV channels, with more channels to come in 2009; a PVR, which enables
customers to control how and when programming is enjoyed; fast and reliable Internet
service; and an interactive program guide with built-in picture-in-picture.

MTS HDTV is currently available to limited areas in Winnipeg, with more areas and
features becoming available throughout 2009. Customers have the opportunity to maximize
their bundle discount by signing up for all of their communications needs with MTS
- wireless, high-speed Internet and, now, MTS HDTV.

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SureWest Breaks Ground with Interactive Video Content

SureWest launched
its i2TV interactive video content network created by TellyTopia available only on
the SureWest digital TV network in Sacramento. Utilizing i2TV’s online portal, TellyTopia
provides the technology whereby anyone, including non-SureWest customers, can upload
high-resolution video content through the i2TV Web site at and
watch it on SureWest’s channel 702. Similar to Web-based video content sites, videos
are uploaded for viewing by a mass audience, but in this case content can be created
online and viewed on TV. SureWest is the world’s first cable provider to launch this
unique interactive channel offered by TellyTopia to its subscribers.

To enhance the customer experience, SureWest will soon announce a new local sports
program available on i2TV. The show will be the only program to provide highlights
showcasing youth and high school sports around the Sacramento region.

Videos are made available on i2TV within 24 hours of uploading the file online. Video
file size can be up to 100 megabytes in size — more than double the maximum allowed
size of most popular online sites, providing excellent picture quality and a more
pleasing viewing experience. Customers that do not submit files that meet the standards
of i2TV, such as video resolution and content appropriateness, will be provided details
as to why the submission was not approved so they can revise and re-submit.

Content on i2TV is categorized into 30-minute segments with local content available
for five days on the channel at rotating times. In addition to channel 702, SureWest
will be adding i2TV’s local content along with an upload tool to its customer home
page My SureWest at The content will also be added to SureWest’s On
Demand video library. The company plans to launch i2TV in its Kansas City market as

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