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Neptuny launches enhanced Content Recommendation engine

Neptuny will be launching Contentwise 2.5 at IPTV World Forum in Olympia, London from 25th – 27th March 2009.
ContentWise 2.5 is the latest release of the real-time Content Recommendation engine specifically designed for Digital Media, that helps both IPTV providers and final users to make IPTV a successful experience.
Two exciting new features of ContentWise 2.5 [...]

Neptuny launches enhanced Content Recommendation engine


JumpTV Scores Exclusive Streaming Plans for 1st Rounds of 2009 BIG EAST Basketball Championships

the 2009 BIG EAST Women’s and Men’s Basketball Championships including more games
and more teams than in any previous year, the conference is announcing unprecedented
online coverage of the tournaments on,
powered by JumpTV.

The BIG EAST, in conjunction with its Digital Media Partner, JumpTV, will offer exclusive
free live video streams of the four first-round games of both the women’s championship
on Friday, March 6 and the men’s championship on Tuesday, March 10 through the conference’s
official streaming video platform,

This year will be the first in which BIG EAST Men’s Basketball Championship games
can be seen exclusively on the BIG EAST Web site. Exclusive online coverage of the
BIG EAST Women’s and Men’s Basketball Championships is sponsored by New York Life
Insurance Company.

The second round of the Women’s Championship will be televised on selected regional
stations and can also be seen live on on March 7. The quarterfinals and
semifinals will be carried on ESPNU, with the championship game airing live on ESPN
March 10.

The Men’s Championship’s second-round, quarterfinal, semifinal and final rounds will
be televised live on ESPN and can be seen online at

First-round games will not be televised for either tournament.

All 16 conference teams will play in the 2009 BIG EAST Championships. The Women’s
Championship takes place March 6-10 at XL Center in Hartford, Conn. The Men’s Championship
is March 10-14 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. First-round games will feature
the No. 9 seed against the No. 16 seed, the No. 12 seed against the No. 13 seed, the
No. 10 seed against the No. 15 seed, and the No. 11 seed against the No. 14 seed.

Tuesday’s winners will face the Nos. 5-8 seeds in the second round of the respective
tournaments. Those winners, in turn, will face the top four seeds in the quarterfinals.

In addition to the eight live women’s games and four men’s games, will
feature the most complete and comprehensive video coverage of both the Men’s and Women’s
Basketball Championships. This year’s coverage will include exclusive behind-the-scenes
feature videos, highlights and press conferences from all 30 games of the men’s and
women’s tournaments. Users should visit the Women’s and Men’s Basketball Championship
Central pages on for complete coverage of both tournaments.

Online viewers also will be able to click to links on New York Life’s Web site to
contact an agent about their life insurance needs or learn about a career as New York
Life agent. New York Life agents will also be available on site at the BIG EAST Men’s
tournament on March 10 to provide product and career information in person.

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JumpTV Scores Exclusive Streaming Plans for 1st Rounds of 2009 BIG EAST Basketball Championships


IPTV Leads the Telco Transformation in 2009

Telecom operators believed they had found the next killer application after the IPTV debut in 2000. Since growing almost 85% from less than 3 million subscribers in 2006, to 5.5 million in 2007, adoption rates are slowing steadily. Experts predict a weak economic atmosphere through 2010. With this in mind, Frost
& Sullivan
revised the previous year’s growth forecast of a 3-year CAGR 29% downwards
to less than 15%. A change in media consumption patterns should mark a turning point
in the telecommunications and media industries.

Video seems to be the way of the future. To tap that end user’s consumption of videos,
broadcasters and other high definition content aggregators have operational needs
to demand higher quality and secure network for delivering content to users. Telecom
operators on the other hand can bridge the gap between users and broadcasters and
other content aggregators by enabling a communication network with varying QoS at
different price levels. This is an important change in order to compensate for the
decline in bundled service margins.

Once operators and media providers are able to deliver and customize the video content
to end users’ expectations, the TV revenue potential could add between 15-22% of telecom
operators’ retail revenue in the top 5 Western European markets. In the UK alone,
it is expected that TV revenues could grow at an 8% 5-year CAGR, which is a more robust
rate than both the fixed and mobile communications sectors. However, the current lack
of momentum is not sufficient to rejuvenate overall revenue growth in telecommunication
services yet. Operators will need to continue to improve QoS, extend coverage and
distribution, form more alliances and create more innovative services.

Two big players in the industry, BT Vision and Virgin Media focus on expanding their
service portfolio to cover as much as the end user’s entertainment, media and communication
needs. BT Vision hopes to boost revenues through alliances, with products such as
Microsoft’s Xbox to capture the gaming community within the residential segment. Virgin
Media took a different route, focusing more on the trend of service convergence such
as its much hyped “QuadPlay” offering in UK. Virgin Media has also leveraged shifting
end user habits of media consumption and the emergence of Over-the-Top (OTT) media
players such as BBC’s iPlayer. These are just two UK examples of telecom operators
accelerating their service portfolio expansion to capture end users’ media consumption

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IPTV Leads the Telco Transformation in 2009


PeerTV to Launch v3.0 of MediaXplorer at IPTV World Forum

PeerTV will
launch its new edition of MX 3.0 client/server technology at IPTV World Forum 2009,
to be held on 25-27 March in London, prevailing a new concept of products and services
that enable the launch of advanced Internet Media service, targeting TVs as the display

PeerTV will demonstrate at the forum the new version of MediaXplorer widget-based
application, PeerTV’s MX Gateway 3.0 technology (MX 3.0), running on PeerStation advanced
internet TV STBS. The MX 3.0 technology presents a revolutionized approach to cost-effective
implementation of modern, enticing broadband TV user-experience. With MX 3.0 application
and technology operators can offer a convenient and intuitive media browsing for connected
TVs, bringing a rich world of personalized content to home TVs via broadband networks
or the open Internet.

The new MX 3.0 widget-based technology and supporting integration gateway provides
the development framework needed to construct optimized TV user-friendly environment
quickly and cost effectively. With MX 3.0 integrators can create powerful user experience
that matches and even surpasses the latest in digital TV.

MX 3.0 gateway allows direct control of a rich set of Widgets and screen layouts to
achieve full customization of the user experience. The Web 2.0-style API (Web-MX)
allows quick integration with a range of CMS solutions, offering developers a flexible
architecture that enables addition of services in parallel to existing ones, using
popular Web programming technologies (PHP, Python and more). The MX 3.0 look & feel
can be customized using a simple Skinning Toolkit without any programming needed.

The MX 3.0 preview edition runs on PeerTV’s PeerStation 340, an internet TV set top
box that fully matches the needs of the MX framework, while supporting a wide range
of media types and formats, such as MPEG-1/2, H.264, WMV9 and MPEG4 (DivX).

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PeerTV to Launch v3.0 of MediaXplorer at IPTV World Forum


MTS Expands Canadian IPTV Services

selected 2Wire’s HomePortal
intelligent gateways to enable a major expansion of its IPTV services in Manitoba,
Canada. This expansion is part of MTS’s long-term broadband evolution strategy to
bring television, Internet, phone, and home security and automation together on one
simple platform.

MTS’s expansion effort has already started with a rollout in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba.
Additional rollouts in the cities of Winnipeg and Brandon are planned for 2009.

MTS is leveraging the 2Wire HomePortal 3800HGV, the world-wide market share leader
in VDSL2, IPTV gateways. The 3800HGV is a full TR-069 standard compliant intelligent
gateway, optimized for delivering advanced voice, data, and video services to the

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MTS Expands Canadian IPTV Services