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Boycott Israel protest against Tesco supermarket

A group of people took produce labeled as WEST BANK as country of origin from a TESCO store in Swanseas City Centre. The two filled their trollies with dates, fresh herbs, fruit and salads. The trollies, full of produce were up-turned at the supermarket entrance and covered in fake blood to represent the lives lost in Gaza. Reported by undercurrents for

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Boycott Israel protest against Tesco supermarket


ADB Receives DivX Certification for IPTV STB

DivX announces
the DivX Certification/a>
of the ADB-3810TW IPTV STB from Advanced Digital Broadcast. The newly enhanced STB
will be available throughout Europe. ADB is a global leader in the design and manufacture
of advanced STBs and has shipped over 11 million units across cable, satellite, IPTV,
and terrestrial markets. ADB’s new DivX Certified STB, the ADB-3810TW, delivers a
premium experience for digital entertainment through native playback of high-quality
DivX video using a standard USB port or available through home network via UPnP/DLNA
protocols or Internet. The product extends the influence of DivX within the STB marketplace
and joins a variety of other DivX Certified devices shipped by DivX licensees into
the market including, Blu-ray players, digital televisions, personal media players,
mobile phones, and in-car entertainment systems.

Based on the award winning 3000 series design, the ADB-3810TW is an advanced digital
set-top box incorporating MPEG-2 and H-264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding with DivX,
Windows Media Video and Audio as well as Flash Video codecs. The unit enables operators
to optimize their broadcast bandwidth while presenting consumers with the highest
quality in sound and vision and making the Internet and local-to-home content accessible
to the TV. The product’s state-of-the-art hardware features a single-chip microprocessor
and a high-definition HDMI interface. In addition, ADB’s unique operating software
and SDK ensures enhanced system performance and includes fast channel decoding and
swift rendering of on-screen graphics and applications including 3D transformations.
The unit has been launched with a number of hybrid IPTV operators as well as through
ADB’s distribution deal with STRONG in Europe.

Products that bear the DivX Certified ogo have undergone a rigorous testing program
to ensure interoperability, security and visual quality. DivX Certified products enable
consumers to create, play, and share high-quality video content across a range of
devices and platforms.

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ADB Receives DivX Certification for IPTV STB


Common Provision

The interim report by Stephen Carter has, as previously reported, promoted universal broadband at video speeds. This is a no brainer. But Carter is erudite in this field and although I disagree with some of his contentions:

By 2012 £1 in every £5 of all new commerce in this country will be online. I suspect if you include the City and utility dealing, this figure is closer to 50% already.
Over the last ten years the UK has been consistently closing its historic productivity gap with the other leading European economies, based largely on our take-up and adoption of digital technology. Utter bollocks – we have a decent technical infrastructure and have consistently been ahead of most European countries.  The productivity gap is belied by the strength of the pound over the past decade.
But, beyond this not picking, the proposals in this report are truly heartening.
These are the stated aims, this is Carter’s manifesto:
Digital Britain: Five objectives
Upgrading and modernising our digital networks – wired, wireless and broadcast – so that Britain has an infrastructure that enables it to remain globally competitive in the digital world;
A dynamic investment climate for UK digital content, applications and services, that makes the UK an attractive place for both domestic and inward investment in our digital economy;
UK content for UK users: content of quality and scale that serves the interests, experiences and needs of all UK citizens; in particular impartial news, comment and analysis;
Fairness and access for all: universal availability coupled with the skills and digital literacy to enable near-universal participation in the digital economy and digital society; and 
Developing the infrastructure, skills and take-up to enable the widespread online delivery of public services and business interface with Government.
This may sound like rhetoric and common sense, but it comes from the heart of Government. So, let’s hope it’s adopted and followed through.
The internet is a cross between a utility – e.g. water or electricity, and a service right – e.g. education. It should be a right and be properly regulated.

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Common Provision


T-VIPS? & Techex?s success in UK Digital Switch Over

T-VIPS enjoyed great success in DVB-T during 2007.
Highlights included the delivery of a complete solution for the regional adaptation of the Norwegian DTT network and a distribution solution for the Austrian DTT operator ORS.
2008 has seen the company maintain its competitive position in DVB-T with involvement in a project, outlined below, with National [...]

T-VIPS? & Techex?s success in UK Digital Switch Over