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IPTV Rating System

OKI Develops Audience Rating Information System for IPTVJune 30, 2008

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. today announced it has developed “Audience Rating Information System” for IPTV, which will be offered to the Japanese market. The system collects viewership data to enable broadcasting companies to improve their services.

IPTV Rating System


Top Deal

NewsCorp are selling down their majority holding in conditional access company, NDS. This is a very profitable company that provides the security for Sky’s set top boxes, but they have been held back by their parentage – NewsCorp’s rivals are naturally reluctant to let one of their major competitors run their security. The majority shareholder now will be private equity house Premira, who also hold a significant stake in Germany broadcaster ProSiebenSat and UK production company All3Media.

So, a surprising deal in these illiquid times, but a very good one for all the parties involved, I suspect.

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Top Deal


Vidshadow Joins Next New Networks Distribution Network

Vidshadow partners
with Next
New Networks
. This will allow Vidshadow to syndicate Next New Networks’ market-leading
programming across the Vidshadow network, which includes both affiliate sites and
company owned online destinations such as

Next New Networks currently operates twelve successful networks within the automotive,
entertainment, pop culture, fashion and politics categories, including hit networks
such as: Channel Frederator, Barely Political, Fast Lane Daily, Garage 419 and VOD

This agreement propels Vidshadow into the elite categories of online syndicated networks,
providing a valuable outlet for brand advertisers and giving Vidshadow a boost in
its efforts to expand its automotive affiliate sites for their syndication network.

Vidshadow possesses best-in-class technology and a rapidly growing library of content,
giving it an advantage over competitors in the space. The deal comes on the heels
of Vidshadow’s partnership announcements with FullTurn Media and National Lampoon.

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Vidshadow Joins Next New Networks Distribution Network


Audience Rating Information System for IPTV in Japan

Oki has
developed “Audience Rating Information System” for IPTV, which will be offered to
the Japanese market. The system collects viewership data to enable broadcasting companies
to improve their services.

IPTV service is expected to grow as telecom carriers in Japan will increase their
IPTV service provisioning with the start of next-generation network services, and
the ITU working on setting international standards. Current ground-based broadcasting
systems have functions to collect viewership data such as user preference and viewer
history, as it is important for broadcasting companies to collect such information.
However, with current IPTV services, there are no equivalent user information collection

To respond to such needs, OKI has developed IPTV Audience Rating Information System
to enable service providers, with the authorization of users, to obtain information
about when and which channel and programs the users watched. The system will collect
the viewership data in the form of an “audience rating library” on the user’s device,
which will then be encrypted, sent to and registered in the database server at the
IPTV distribution center. This information will then be printed out as viewership
reports which service providers can offer to program producers.

The server offers scalability enabling service providers to increase the number of
servers as viewership increases. The audience rating library can be embedded in the
STB or in the IPTV. Those who have STBs or IPTVs without the embedded library can
connect a home gateway that has the audience rating library to collect viewership
data. This system has already been tested in IPTV applications that utilize mutli-casting.

While recognizing user concern about maintaining privacy, OKI will include opinions
from both IPTV service providers and users as it works towards standardization. OKI
will add the system to its product lineup that includes OKI MediaServer, the video
distribution server for IPTV, home
gateways and set-top-boxes

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Audience Rating Information System for IPTV in Japan


USTelematics acquire U.S Patent

USTelematics have aquired the U.S. Patent Number 7,079,633, which is a high security digital media watermarking algorithm.
The announcement comes as part of a deal for an exchange, for UTLM stock valued at $1.50 per share.
USTelematics, Inc believes that corporate organizations are afraid of the possible implications of the growth of online services, such [...]

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USTelematics acquire U.S Patent