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Target Practice

It remains the great irony of modern media that the company that represents the ‘long tail’, ie Google, is cleaning up against traditional media.

There’s a simple dynamic here. Media buyers still want to buy in multiples of 500,000 or more.

Now, there are very few brands who sell to more than 500,000 individuals in a year, so the wastage from this model is considerable.

The result is that ‘niche’ markets and local markets are largely ignored in the march for volume. Meanwhile Google, which has an effective medium for this market, gets the budget due to the effectiveness of its long tail, targeted, model.

But part of me asks: why have the agencies not realised what’s going on ? Why don’t they Googlise ? Why does a totally inefficient model dominate ?

The fact is that the status quo suits everyone. What should happen is that ad and media agencies are treated like online agencies – paid by results, not by volume. But they’re not. They are incentivised by volume and driven by volume.

Internet TV will only become commercially viable when the concept of targeted advertising has value.

Target Practice


Vancouver Criticalmass

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aonTV Launches HD and Timeshift TV Services

IPTV provider aonTV launches
HD and timeshift TV services. aonTV’s HD-Videothek will carry the latest blockbusters,
documentaries, music videos and European Football Championship. In addition to HD
picture quality it also provides Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound for full the cinematic
experience. The Zusatzpaket HD Videothek package is being priced at €4.90 in addition
to the regular €34.90 subscription fee.

Starting immediately aonTV customers will have access to the new timeshift TV feature
at no extra charge. The feature will be made available on 11 channels including RTL,
Pro 7, Sat 1, RTL 2, Super RTL, VOX, N-TV, 9live and Pulse 4. This allows users to
replay content from the previous 90 minutes and fast forward and rewind in six different

Currently aonTV is availble to 52% of Austrian households with 45,000 subscribers
and adding an additional 1,000 every week.

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aonTV Launches HD and Timeshift TV Services